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Our Mission

Welcome to Outdoor Woodland Learners!  

We are a nonprofit organization that believes in nurturing  

the deep and inherent bond between child and nature. This is  

accomplished through programs offering unstructured free  

play in nature, as well as outdoor experiential learning  

designed to develop an intimate, personal connection to the  

earth and its inhabitants. Our goal is to encourage  

exploration, learning, and wonder by providing opportunities  

for creativity, cooperation, imaginative play, physical  

strength development, mental strength development, and  

love of the outdoors within our natural world. Organic  

learning through nature’s classroom creates happier,  

healthier, smarter, inspired, earth-minded children.

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At OWL, learning happens naturally...

Unstructured Free Play


To know and understand the world around them, children must have the opportunity to play in nature. Unstructured playtime is one of the most valuable educational opportunities that we can give our children.  Here at OWL, children have the opportunity to learn through their senses, their exploration, and through the natural process of discoveries.

Place-based Education

Our goal is for children to experience our flora, fauna, weather, and seasons.  OWL accomplishes this through place-based education which promotes learning that is rooted in what is local.  During our time together, we learn about the unique history, environment, and natural world that is right outside our doors.  Our hope is to inspire children to explore and discover their own backyards once they realize the wonders of nature.

Respect for Self, Others, and the Earth

At OWL, respect for self, others, and the Earth are of utmost importance.  During our time together, children are encouraged to work together when creating, playing, or problem solving. We teach and model language and strategies for successful interactions with peers.  We also teach and model respect and wonder towards nature to inspire a lifelong love and awareness for the Earth.

Nature Connection

All of our programs provide ample time to play in nature. Kids who connect to the land on their own terms through childhood play are scientifically proven to grow into adults who are active environmental stewards. We use Coyote’s Guide to Connecting With Nature by Jon Young to empower children to expand and develop their sense of nature awareness.

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