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About Us

Welcome to Outdoor Woodland Learners!

We are a small, family-run nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that believes in nurturing the deep and inherent bond between child and nature. This is accomplished through programs offering unstructured free play in nature, outdoor experiential learning designed to develop an intimate, personal connection to the earth and its inhabitants, and Montessori-inspired teachings. Our goal is to encourage exploration, learning, and wonder by providing opportunities for creativity, cooperation, imaginative play, physical strength development, mental strength development, and love of the outdoors within our natural world.

It is our belief that organic learning through nature’s classroom creates happier, healthier, smarter, inspired, earth-minded children.

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Our Story

The Outdoor Woodland Learners nature program was a dream that started after the birth of Director Michelle's grandchildren.  Michelle was a home educator that raised her four girls to love and appreciate all aspects of nature. After her daughters grew up and started families of their own, she would lovingly care for her grandchildren.  What she discovered was what she already knew - there was so much peace and incidental learning that happens in Mother Nature's classroom. She began to research the forest school movement that is so prevalent in Europe and knew she wanted to grow her idea of starting a forest school program on her 18 acres of land.

What started as an idea for a nature class has grown into a full nature program that proudly offers preschool - lower elementary class offerings to fit every family. Michelle is still an integral part of our OWL family, now having taken over the OWLmentary program for upper and lower elementary students. Her four daughters, husband, and occasionally her son-in-laws help with the day to day operation that is running the Outdoor Woodland Learners nature program. 


It is truly a labor of love and dedication. 

Meet The Team

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